Y… Otros 2 mapas nuevos para Quake Wars

31 08 2008

Maridia (Beta 1)

“The GDF trying to put an end to the Maridia off shore stroyent facility located in the North Sea where the strogg are experimenting with new ways of making the stroyent. The GDF must first bypass the outer security before being able to enter the main area of the facility. Once inside they must first knock out the main stroyent exchange module in order to proceed to the main stroyent processing plant area where they must destroy the main stroyent processor to complete their mission.”


Free Spirit City (Beta 2)

“The Strogg have taken over Spirit City. A small GDF force have been dropped outside the city near an old communications bunker. They will have to repair the communications computer to call in an MCP. Once they have escorted the MCP to the compound at the city limits an SSM will fire and attempt to create an access point to one of the buildings which contains a Temporal Generator. It is likely that they will already have deployed some form of shield. In this case covert-ops will have to hack the shield to enable the SSM to hit its target successfully. Once this has been achieved the attacking forces must enter the building and destroy the Temporal Generator. With this Temporal field generator the Strogg intend to travel back in time and destroy humanity once and for all. You must stop them, you must free Spirit City.”

Las descargas las teneis disponibles en la sección Descarga de Mapas.





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