Más mapas nuevos para Quake Wars

28 08 2008

Goldeneye Facility (Final)

“The map requires the GDF to capture 3 forward spawns that act like checkpoints across the map (once one is captured the next one is enabled tec), before the last objective – planting a HE charge on some gas cylinders is made available.”


Estate (Beta 3)

“GDF have recently gained intelligence that the Strogg have begun work on an Enhanced Railgun (ER) project in a old parcel depot in the deserted English village of Stonybridge. The GDF must break into the depot and steal the ER documents and transmit the data to high command before the Strogg can develop the weapon to devastating effect. If GDF can learn from the railgun technology it could help turn the tide of the war.”

Las descargas las teneis disponibles en la sección Descarga de Mapas.





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