ETQWPro 0.7

24 08 2008

Pues ya tenemos otra nueva versión del promod, 0.7. Os dejo con los enlaces de descarga y con los cambios.

>> ETQWPro 0.7 con instalador

>> ETQWPro 0.7 sin instalador


* Added es_allowStroyUpDown. Allows serveradmins to disable stroyup / down (serverside)
* Reworked the whole ranked system. Less traffic (no ingame stats requests anymore)
* No combined stats anymore.
* Added new stat value Total Headshots
* Added live stats (gets refreshed every 20 seconds), use _stats to display them
* Stats are now also on Ranked servers available
* Added ec_endgameStats – show endgame stats in the console (end of round)
* Added es_vanillaMode – disables all ETQWPro vehicle limits / weapon spread / script objects / weapon limits / etc
* Live Stats in the gui (current accuracy, shots hit, kills … etc etc) (bind x _stats)
* By default, all ETQWPro cvars are set to vanilla values!
* Added important people, people that helped in any way, to the credits
* Added sniper weapons to the stats page (if you miss a weapon, let me know)
* Added es_satsSyncDelay (serverside) Delay in seconds between a server -> client stats sync (this is for the livestats)
* Added es_sprintstyle 3, allows to shoot while sprinting





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