Descargate QW Lister v0.98.1

4 08 2008

Otro nuevo programa para gestionar y conectar a servidores de qw, con bastantes funciones especiales que en principio parecen muy interesantes. Es necesario tener almenos el microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 instalado para que os funcione, por lo que no es compatible para Linux. Os dejo los enlaces de descarga y funciones del programa.


· QW Lsiter v0.98.1

· Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

· Web QW Lister

* Funciones:

  • It’s totally free! No nags, no limitations, no adware!
  • Server filters
  • Friends list
  • Favorites
  • It will save the serverlist to disk so the next time you open it, the serverlist will be displayed instantly.
  • Your username and password are stored encrypted. For quickstats only your nickname is required.
  • See your friends quickstats
  • Sort any column
  • Quicksearch for a servername using the searchbar
  • Level shot showing which map the server is running (only official maps)
  • Shows what team players are on and how may players each team has
  • Server monitoring
  • Multiple identities
  • Auto join when a free slot is available
  • Configurable quickstats
  • Option to view ETTV in windowed mode
  • Screenshot viewer
  • Convert screenshots to different formats (jpg, png, bmp, …)
  • Option to view demo’s (normal and timedemo)
  • History list
  • Support for mods in demo and screenshot sections
  • Automatically rename demo’s giving the POV, date and mapname
  • Anuncios




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